The plants represent the state-of-the-art
in recovering solvents, safety and environmental care,
due to years of activity, research & development and continue team work.

The main recovery task is
carried out with plants which operate under
N2 atmosphere
and controlled by a
PLC system.
The plants can treat most of the
solvent mixes,
chlorinated or not, with some mist or sludge
A self-made software allows the technicians
to schedule, control and manage all the process.

Metallic drums can be completely drained and crushed
by an authomatic plant of own concept,
a true know-how of Ecosfera Srl.

This plant can empty the drum, fluidize the content,
wash the inner side and crush the drum, that can be sent to disposal as cullet.
In this way it is possible to
recover paintings, resins, sludges, inks and pitches
and to treat the whole metallic drum and its residual content

easing the management and the
disposal of contaminated packagings.

The plant can also clean and crush empty metallic drums.