The Company ownes the
marks EcoBit®, EcoThin® and EcoRight®,
which respectively identify
a bituminous mixture,
a blending of non-chlorinated solvents
and a chlorinated solvents mix
, wide appreciated on the market.

The production can be also aimed to respect the customer requests
with adherent blendings.
So we can assert that the Company really operates on purpose,
basing its production on the customer's needs.

Every product is carefully controlled in the several process stages
and in the internal laboratory, in order to guarantee its
and the
complete adhesion to technical specifications.
The constant research effort is lead
increase the recovery rate of the waste solvents,
with direct outcomes both in enviromental terms
and in economic competitiveness.

The regenerated solvents are mainly absorbed
from the industry of paints and adhesives,
from the automotive industry
and from other applications that request
thinners of good quality.
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